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Why hire a professional cat sitter?

It can be daunting to arrange cat care for upcoming travel. There are many options available to pet owners, but how do they stack up against each other? Are professional pet sitters worth the investment? Here’s how they stack up against four other types of pet care:

Professional Sitter vs Leaving out extra food

If you’re only going to be out of town a day or two, leaving out extra food can seem like a reasonable plan. This can even be appealing to owners with less socialized cats, who may be apprehensive of new people.

But this could put your cat in danger. A playful kitty could knock over a water bowl and lead to dehydration, a serious medical risk. A curious cat could accidentally get trapped, cutting off access to food, water and the litter box. Their food could spoil. And within a few hours, that un-scooped litter box is going to start smelling up the house.

Even cautious cats need mental stimulation and social interaction. A professional sitter will set up a meet and greet. This allows all cats to meet them in the safety of their home with the owner present.

For all these reasons, we recommend getting a sitter if you are traveling more than 24 hours.

Winner: Professional Pet Sitter

Professional Sitter vs Kid Next Door

Asking a friend, neighbor or the “kid next door” to swing by and care for you cat is an attractive option for many. It’s likely your cat has meet this person and might even be comfortable with them. It’s also often the cheapest option, especially if you have friends willing to pitch in for free. But is it the best option?

Cat’s health can decline quickly, and they try to hide any sign of weakness- it’s the natural predator in them! Seemingly small issues, like a UTI, can rapidly develop into life threatening issues. A professional sitter has training and experience needed to detect early warning signs.

A friend or neighbor may love your pet, but they’re also balancing their own work and life. Do they reasonably have the time to devote to this as well? Do they have a backup plan for if they are running late or fall sick? How often will they communicate with you, and will they be annoyed if you text daily to “check-in”?

We send report cards after EVERY visit- so no need to check in. Don’t hurt your friendships. Instead, ask your friends and neighbors for a recommendation for a local professional.

Winner: Professional Pet Sitter

Professional Sitter vs Pet Sitter App

You’ve probably seen advertising for “Uber-like” pet care services, including cat sitting. For busy Americans, this may seem like a good fit. You can find, book, pay and track pet care services all from a handy app. But how safe are these services?

Most of these apps were created by tech start ups with no real-world pet care experience. A quick Google search shows pet sitting horror stories of people using these apps. Issues range from unprofessional behavior to sitters cutting visits short. But some cases have even lead to a pet’s death. Not everyone on these apps will have similar experiences-but do you want to risk your pet's health?

Instead, consider hiring a professional who has invested in similar technology. With The Right Fluff Pet Sitting you can schedule, pay, and receive report cards through an app. Our visits even include GPS check in and photo updates!

Winner: Professional Pet Sitter

Professional Pet Sitter vs Vet Boarding

The great thing about vet boarding is that if anything happens to your cat they’re already at the vet’s office. Unfortunately, that’s also the biggest downside. Cats are most comfortable in their own home. They will already have the stress of you not being around, why add more to it?

The best thing is to keep them in a familiar environment and use a pet CPR and First Aid certified sitter. A professional sitter should also keep an up-to-date pet profile. This will include your pet's medical and vet information.

Winner: Professional Pet Sitter

And the winner is…. Professional Pet Sitters! At 4-0 it’s a clear knock out. Contact The Right Fluff Pet Sitting to discuss our cat services, or find a sitter in your area with the PSI Pet Sitter Locator.

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