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All dog walks include...


Wiped paws

Leash manners practice

Indoor/Outdoor play

Water bowl check/refill

Belly rubs and snuggles

Treats (if permitted)

Photos and report card

All dog walks are private. Your dog will never be walked with a member of a different household.

Overnight Care

Would you like your sitter to sleep over in your home? We've got you covered! Overnight care includes a late night potty break and breakfast feeding/care.


Most pet parents book between 1 to 3 additional daytime drop ins, depending on pet needs.

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Home Care and Security Check


Going out of town? Keep your home safe with a home care and security check. Your home will appear lived in, which reduces the chance of break-ins. We will:

  • Retrieve mail

  • Water indoor plants

  • Rotate lights and blinds

  • Inspect furniture for scratches or chewing

  • Check for pet-caused damage to flooring

  • Check thermostat and ensure pet-safe temperature

  • Check for running water/water stains

  • Check ovens/stoves

  • Check and secure doors/windows

  • Power-outage maintenance

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