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Meet Our Team

Marcy Santos founder of The Right Fluff Pet Sitting



Hello, I'm Marcy, owner of The Right Fluff Pet Sitting!  I started this company in 2017 to bring together all the best aspects of pet care: innovative technology, reliable and loving staff, and professional training.


Before becoming a pet care pro, I did fundraising for a variety of causes, including animal advocacy!  I left the nonprofit sphere in 2016 to focus on pet care full time.  I've been a proud Rockville resident for 20 years and graduated from Richard Montgomery High School.  I went on to complete at B.A. in English at McDaniel College.


Jeanette S.

Operations Lead

Hello! My name is Jeanette and I recently moved to Maryland with my human best friend and our cat, David, who is our only son. I grew up with 2 beautiful shiba inus. Besides dogs and cats, I also have experience caring for small mammals and love all animals, especially reptiles. As a long time pet owner and animal lover, I know how important pets are and how much meaning they have. This will always be reflected in our service and care to bring you peace of mind and provide the best experience for you and your pet.

Emily Hadley.jpg

Emily H.

Pack Member

Hey, I’m Emily! I live in Germantown with my cat Diego, my bearded dragon Falcor and my Fat Frog. I have worked in the pet care field for over 10 years both as a vet tech and a professional pet sitter. I form easy and lasting bonds with my furry friends and they love their Auntie Em! One of my favorite parts of this job is writing fantastical visit updates to delight the pet parents :)


Wendy Z.

Pack Member

Hi! My name is Wendy Z and I have spent 95% of my life living In Montgomery County. I grew up with both dogs and cats and have also taken care of other smaller fur baby critters.

I can’t wait to meet and care for yours!!

lauren pryor.jpeg

Lauren P.

Pack Member

Hi! My name is Lauren and I am a student at the University of Maryland. Until I moved away for college, I had lived with pets my entire life. I love animals and I frequently stop by my parents house in Frederick to see my two dogs, Benny and Frankie. While college makes it difficult to have my own pets right now, walking, snuggling and playing with the pets I sit makes up for it. I look forward to meeting and taking great care of yours!

nick almario.jpg

Nicholas A.

Pack Member

My name is Nick. I grew up and currently live in Montgomery County with my wife and two boys aged six and three. My two cats are Cora, who is a 7 yr old Grey and white domestic short hair, and Dorito is a long hair orange tabby. Both enjoy solo time with my wife or I for lots of love. I look forward to meeting and caring for your fur baby(ies).

Kelli K

Kelli K.

Pack Member

Hi! I'm Kelli, a lifelong animal owner and advocate. I've grown up around cats and dogs, and they've gotten me through some of the hardest times. No matter what else is going on, you can always count on their love and affection. I love watching funny animal videos with my 3 kids. I am a volunteer adoption counselor at the Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County, a no-kill cat shelter. 

I've owned all kinds of animals - frogs, turtles, gerbils, mice, dogs, and ducks. I grew up spending summers on my aunt's farm in Oregon, taking care of horses, chickens, and bunnies. I am currently mom to two cats (Mars & Pie) and 11 fish. Looking forward to looking after your pets!

Taje L.jpg

Taje L.

Pack Member

My name is Taje and I have always had a love for all kinds of pets. A fun fact about me is that I have 3 dogs that all have black and white spots. 

Dog with a pink background

Joanne H.

Pack Member

Hello!  A lifelong animal lover and pet owner, I went on to major in Animal Science at the University of Maryland.  I have experience working with and caring for many species of animals, including dogs, cats, horses, and most farm animals.  I currently own a horse named Valentino and get my small animal fix through working with the Right Fluff.  My hobbies outside of pet care include horseback riding and CrossFit, and I am a die-hard Washington Capitals fan.  I look forward to meeting you and providing your pet(s) with the best care possible!

Anita V.png

Anita V.

Pack Member

Hi! My name is Anita. I’m a transplant to Maryland from Georgia and a retired educator from MCPS. As a life long animal lover I look forward to caring for your pets while you are away! Currently, I am proud mama to Marilyn and Monroe - 2 year old shih tzus.

ali s.jpeg

Ali S.

Pack Member

Hello! My name is Ali. I've always been deeply passionate about animals, and I'm the proud fur dad to a magnificent Doberman. From my childhood days with dogs, cats, and even playful ferrets, I've gathered extensive experience and insights into the unique care each pet requires. Your furry family member deserves the best, and that's precisely what I aim to provide. I eagerly await the opportunity to meet and bond with your beloved pet(s), ensuring they receive nothing short of exceptional love and care.

Elizabeth k.jpeg

Elizabeth K.

Pack Member

Hi, my name is Liz Katmer. I live in Kensington, MD with my husband and 2 cats. I grew up with both cats and dogs in the family. I worked in a vet clinic in high school and at the University of Missouri animal ICU while in college as an Animal Sciences major. I've always loved animals and feel I can easily grow a bond with almost any animal. I am excited to be able to help you by caring for your pets while you are away. Your babies will be cared for and loved just as if they were my own!

Sam L

Samantha L.

Pack Member

Hi I'm Sam! I grew up in Montgomery County and after a brief time in Pittsburgh I decided to come back to the motherland. Alongside my passion for animals, I am a musician, music teacher, and ski instructor. Growing up I was allowed to have small pets but not dogs or cats. So, I sought out as many small animals as I could adopt. I got to care for fish that kept having babies, escape-artist hamsters, loud birds, silly smelly ferrets in my bedroom, and even an adorable sugar glider. I have always been drawn to the healing power and delight that pets bring. I got my first dog as an adult and I am obsessed with her. I named her after the song "The Mighty Quinn" because she is my bringer of peace and joy. She has changed my life. I know how important pets are and I am looking forward to helping you love and care for yours! 


Christy P.

Pack Member

Hi there! My name is Christy. 
Born and raised in Montgomery County. 
I have always been a dog person and have had dogs all my life. I currently have a yellow lab and a black lab, their names are Leo and Tank. They mean so much to me so I understand how important it is to have someone take care of your fur baby while you are away.  
One of my favorite parts of walking dogs is seeing how tired they are once we return home because they had so much fun on our walk exploring and using their senses. 
I look forward to seeing your furry loved one each visit :) 


Adriana S.

Pack Member

Hi! My name is Adriana Saavedra, and I’ve lived in Montgomery County my whole life. I’ve grown up loving animals, and have had experience pet sitting dogs, cats, and bunnies. This role has taught me responsibility and compassion, and I love giving my furry pals top-notch care. Besides my animal obsession, I love music and binge-watching shows & movies. I look forward to seeing your little ones soon!


Anna L.

Pack Member

My name is Anna, I’m 24 and have been working with animals since I was a child. I’ve been in the equestrian industry for most of my life and started pet sitting/caring for other peoples pets while in the industry! 

Erin W..jpeg

Erin W. 

Pack Member

Hi there! I’m Erin and I live in the Bethesda/Rockville area with my two cats, Felicity and Marjorie. I grew up with Basset Hounds, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, and a cockatiel. Shortly after moving to Maryland, I started volunteering for a regional cat rescue where I learned many “Cat Care 101” technical skills. It was especially rewarding to help coordinate adoptions with loving families.  

Being a sitter is my way of giving to the pet and the pet-parent communities. It’s a pleasure to provide you with peace of mind when you can’t be with your fur baby. 

Lauren A..jpeg

Lauren A.

Pack Member

Hi everyone! My name is Lauren!

I am a transplant to Maryland, who has had the opportunity to live in a variety of places! 
Throughout my professional career, I have always had a connection with animals between working at zoos and aquariums, performing marine science research, working as a veterinary assistant in a clinic setting, a positive reinforcement dog trainer for five plus years and most recently as a scientist in a laboratory setting. 

At home, I have a great dane, lab mix named Leif. He is almost five years old and is the sweetest, lap sitting big dog. He can be my adventure buddy and then the next minute my snuggle bug. I also have a cat named Bruce. He is nine years old and the friendliest kitty, who has never met a stranger he didn’t demand pets from. 

Since moving into the laboratory setting for work, I have been missing working with my favorite furry companions, dogs and cats!! I am looking forward to meeting and spending time with your favorite furry companions! 


Rhiannon D.

Pack Member

Greetings fellow pet lovers my name is Rhiannon. Growing up as an equestrian, I think I spent more time in a barn or outside than at home! This time helped me develop a love for animals of all shapes and sizes and confidence to provide the best care for them. It will be my pleasure to extend this love and care to your pets.


Corrine W.

Pack Member

Hi! My name is Corrine and I’ll be your sitter! I’m primarily a medic in the military but love animals and have lots of experience with them! From horses and snakes to guinea pigs and dogs! I look forward to meeting your pet! 


Jessica L.

Pack Member

Greetings! I'm Jessica. With a heart full of love for animals and a knack for responsible care, I'm here to make sure your furry friends feel like they're loved and cared for while you're away. While raising my four-legged best friend for the last 10 years, I've honed my skills in catering to animal needs, whether it's playtime, feeding, or just some good old-fashioned cuddles.
I understand that leaving your pets behind can be tough, which is why I prioritize clear communication and reliability. From daily updates to ensuring a safe and comfortable environment, I'm committed to providing top-notch care that puts both you and your pets at ease. So, whether it's a weekend getaway or an extended trip, you can trust me to treat your pets like family. Let's create some paws-itively wonderful experiences together!


Leilani S.

Pack Member

I have grown up with pets my whole life both adopting and fostering dogs. I currently have two dogs named Raven and Luna. 


Meghan B.

Pack Member

I'm Meghan!
I grew up around dogs, cats, chickens, goats, horses, llamas, ducks and even the occasional foster squirrel. I started pet sitting for friends in middle school and it's remained one of my favorite things to do. I love spending time with animals and getting to see their unique personalities and styles. My husband of six years is in the Coast Guard and I have been lucky enough to care for pets all across the country. He and I are very proud parents of a corgi, a whippet, a tabby and most recently our own baby girl! I can't wait to meet your pets!


Amanda C.

Pack Member

Hello! My name is Amanda Cutino and I am 26 years old, living in the Olney area. Animals are family members and I would love to make sure you feel at ease leaving your pets knowing they will be in great hands! I have years of experience with dogs, cats, and a few other household pets. I've worked in shelter environments as well as watching friends' animals over the years. I'm calm, able to stay level headed in any situation, and enjoy a challenge. All animals deserve love and care and I'm excited to be able to provide that for your loved one!

Rachel D.PNG

Rachel D.

Pack Member

Hi! My name is Rachel and I live in the Silver Spring area with my three dogs, one cat, frequent dog/cat fosters, and two human family members. I’m a huge advocate for animals and have been heavily involved in animal rescue for the past five years so have a lot of experience with all sorts of dogs and cats. I grew up with a variety of small animals, but dogs are my favorite with kittens being a close second! I’m looking forward to taking care of your fur babies as if they were my own. 


Kalina S.

Pack Member

Hi, I'm Kalina! I'm a student at Vassar College studying neuroscience with a focus on animal behavior. I have worked at two zoos and dog daycare, and I have two cats and a leopard gecko of my own. I'm back home in Maryland on break, and I am so excited to meet and take care of your pet!


Sascha R.

Pack Member

Hello! I am so excited to work with you and your pets. I work at the fire department as an EMT and firefighter, as well as with local pet adoption agencies. I hope to work with you soon!

Audrey .jpeg

Audrey B.

Pack Member

Hi, I’m Audrey! I’m a rising sophomore at Wellesley College and I live in Potomac with my 3 cats - Lulu, Bergamot, and Hazel. I’ve worked in pet care for about 4 years now and have cared for many dogs and cats, but also more exotic animals! I’ve been around animals my whole life and I am very excited to be able to show others the same care and love for their pets as I do mine!


Adrianna M.

Pack Member

Hi, I'm Adrianna! I am third year student at Georgetown University. I'm from the Burtonsville/Olney area, where I live with my golden doodle/frenchie mix and hermit crabs! I have experience taking care of dogs, cats, pigs, ferrets, and birds! I can't wait to meet all of your pets and provide them with the best care possible. 


Ari W.

Pack Member

Hi, I'm Ari! I am a junior at York College of Pennsylvania working on my Secondary English Education major. I always grew up having cats, dogs, chickens, and horses. I currently have 4 cats named Lily, Mister Houdini, Missy, and Mien. My cat is Mien and I have recently been taking extra care of him after he suffered a traumatic brain injury. Since I was younger, I have been pet sitting for families in my area and love to meet new pets wherever I go. I will make sure that no matter what, your pets will have the utmost care and be loved while awaiting your return. I cannot wait to meet your fur baby and give you comfort knowing your pet is safe and loved! 


Tyler P.

Pack Member

Hello, I’m Tyler Potyk and I’m a second year student at Towson studying environmental science. I have a cat and a parrot. I love animals more than life itself. 

Charlie 2.jpg

Charlie S.

Pack Member

Hello! My name is Charlie Schwartz, I am currently a rising sophomore at the University Of Maryland studying Real Estate. I've had dogs in my house ever since I've remembered and I've always loved looking after other people's pets growing up. In my free time I love being active, hanging out with friends, and running my puppy April outside! I look forward to meeting and taking care of your pet!


Yuval S.

Pack Member

Hello! My name is Yuval and I am an animal lover at my core, as I always have been. I've grown up around animals all my life, from dogs to cats to hamsters to axolotls. A fun fact about me is that my house is kind of like a zoo, the animals in our house outnumber us humans! We have one dog, one rat, two birds, and two axolotls, and we used to have a bearded lizard too.


Lily K.

Pack Member

I grew up in the Silver Spring area and lived here my whole life. I’ve had pets ever since I was a baby and understand the needs of pets around me. I’ve done neighbor/friend pet sitting here and there but decided to join The Right Fluff Pet Sitting to do more of something I enjoy. I love all pets and bring my best to each and every visit I do. I look forward to meeting all your pets and will provide detailed reports on how my visits go.  Feel free to ask any questions!


Arthur R.

Pack Member

My name is Arthur, and I am a history major at Frostburg State University in Western Maryland. I graduated from Winston Churchill High School. I have been around cats and dogs all my life and currently live with two dogs, Daisy and Babka, and three cats, Salem, Storm, and Archie. 


Harrison B.

Pack Member

Hello! I'm a rising sophomore at the Cleveland Institute of Music currently studying Piano Performance and Music Theory. I have had cats my entire upbringing and currently have 3, Lulu, Bergamot, and Hazel (the one in my profile picture!)

I love taking care of cats and dogs and have many years of experience from petsitting for friends. I am so excited to start working with your pets!

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