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The benefits of being a dog walker

Have you ever thought, I would love to be paid to play with dogs? Who hasn’t! Dog walking is a growing industry, and a great opportunity for anyone looking for non-traditional employment. Besides furry companions, there are a lot of benefits to becoming a dog walker.


Dog walking is an active job. Not everyone enjoys spending eight hours behind a desk, not to mention the negative effects it can have on your health. Dog walking gets you out the door and moving, which may have unexpected health benefits. The fresh air is also a bonus! Consider quitting that gym membership and instead getting paid to be active.

Fun Work Environment

One of the biggest benefits that comes with becoming a dog walker is the relaxed environment. People that are not fans of a stuffy workplace will enjoy working with animals much more. No suit and ties here! Comfy clothing is a must. The mundane paperwork and monotonous tasks of regular office jobs are replaced with tail wags and doggy smiles.


Not everyone is looking for the traditional 9-5 grind. Maybe you don’t have the availability to work full-time, or you’re looking for additional income while pursing other goals. Many of us have schedules or responsibilities that do not conform with traditional work hours. A job as a dog walker will be great for people that need this type of flexibility. Examples include active retirees, stay at home parents, freelancers and students. People in these situations may all benefit from an opportunity to get extra income while keeping their schedules flexible.


Do you hate being micromanaged? Are you stressed by jobs that give you little to no control? Dog walking could be a great alternative! Most dog walking is done solo, just you and the dogs. Here at The Right Fluff Pet Sitting, we use time windows to allow sitters to build and manage their own schedules.

A Team Environment

Even for those who love independence and flexibility, there are huge benefits to being part of a committed team. Walkers and sitters can connect with other animal lovers and share your passion. There is also a built-in support network. New workers can tap into the experience of other people that have already done this before. There are people that have already going through the struggle that can come with working as a pet sitter for some animals. These are people that can provide input on the things that work as well as those things that do not work for certain animals.

A Chance to LOVE your job!

Sometimes a job just pays the bills, but sometimes if we’re lucky it’s also a chance to engage with a passion and purpose. The best dog walkers are those who genuinely love animals. They are excited for the chance to bond with and care for an animal and take their responsibilities seriously. We’re not just walking dogs; we’re improving their health and quality of life! There is also never a dull moment in our line of work. Dogs are all different, with their own unique personalities. That makes every day an eventful day.

Here at The Right Fluff, we’re always looking for additional dog walkers and pet sitters. If this these benefits sounded tail-wagging good to you, apply today to join our team!


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