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  • Marcy Santos

We're FetchFind Approved!

The Right Fluff Pet Sitting is proud to be a FetchFind Approved company.

Many companies tout their training as being top of the line, but what do they really mean? Vague statements from training could mean anything from a short, open book quiz about putting on a harness to a day of shadowing another sitter. Do those things adequately prepare staff for what can happen during a pet care visit?

We didn't think so, and wanted to take our training to the next level, which is where FetchFind came in! FetchFind's Monthly Pro Program creates lessons from a science-based understanding of animal behavior and communication. Their up-to-date content uses information and research from leading experts in the pet industry. Topics and modules include:

  • Equipment 101

  • Dog Breeds 101

  • Bite Prevention

  • Canine Behavior and Communication

  • Canine Development

  • Canine Health and Wellness

  • Feline Fundamentals

Besides being impressive, why is this important?

Our pets communicate their emotions, health and well-being through (often subtle) behaviors and cues. An untrained person may misinterpret these cues. For example, a dog "smile" may be a sign of distress. Our sitters are trained on how to recognize the situation and take steps to de-escalate the dog's arousal. Not only does this put safety first, but it also creates a humane and compassionate environment for your pet to thrive.

Using the FetchFind platform we can train all our employees to the same high standards, ensuring consistent, quality care for your pets from day one with our team.


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