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5 Great Apps for Cat Owners

Do you have a cat? Did you recently adopt a cat during quarantine? If you have a cat, or recently adopted a cat, you will want to check out the apps below.

Pet First Aid by American Red Cross

You love your cat and want to keep her healthy, right? This app is a must have in case of any cat related emergencies or medical problems. You can use it to locate the nearest animal hospital or look up what to do in common first-aid emergencies. Pet First Aid can help you deliver fast and effective care for your kitty, and you can also use it to learn about symptoms and warning signs of illnesses.

Relax My Cat

Is your cat stressed or anxious? This app offers a possible solution to your kitty’s anxiety. Relax My Cat provides calming music that can be left playing in a loop for your cat while you are away.


This isn’t an app for humans, but rather for their feline counterparts. It is a game specifically designed for your cats to play! Using Bluetooth you can control animated creatures that your cat can chase on your tablet screen.

Cat Training

There are plenty of people who talk about dog training techniques, but what about cat training? If you are hoping to train your cat, this app is the one for you. It helps out with the basics such as litter training or how to get your cat to take his medication.


If you enjoy being social, you might enjoy Catbook, the cat version of your Facebook community. Through this app you can share tricks, tips, photos, and information about your cat. Best of all, there are over 1 million other users, so you can connect with cat lovers all over the world.

Have you tried any of these apps before? What cat apps do you love?


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