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Why pet care is the perfect job for active retirees

For many people, retirement isn’t the end of their active years, but rather a new beginning. Instead of the 9 to 5 grind in a corporate office, active seniors may seek out more meaningful and flexible work. This makes pet care a perfect opportunity for them!

What specifically are those benefits? If you are an active retiree, or know someone who is, here are some great things to consider about the pet care industry:


In a volatile economy, not every will feel comfortable living off a fixed income. Some people want to better prepare for unexpected expenses or slow the use of their life savings. They may not be looking for full-time salaried work again, but a couple hundred (to over a thousand) extra dollars a month wouldn’t hurt!


Retirement is about finding time for you. Whether that involves spending time on the golf course or with the grand kids, having a flexible schedule is important. Pet sitters and dog walkers have schedules that change with client’s needs. Often no two days are the same! For someone who is looking for full-time employment that would be a downside, but for someone looking to fit a job around their lives it can be a real benefit.

Other things to consider are the benefits of working with a team. Having other sitters and dog walkers means you can request a day off without worrying about losing clients. You can take time off for special events without the stress of having to coordinate schedules.


No one likes to be micromanaged. After a successful career, it can be a rough transition to manual or customer service work. With dog walking and pet sitting, you can work independently. Here at The Right Fluff, we give our staff time windows to complete tasks rather than specific times. We trust our sitters to build schedules that work best for them and our clients!

Low Stress

Replace deadlines and deliverables with tail wags and dog kisses! While every job has its ups and downs, walking through a door to a dog who is excited to see you always lifts spirits.

Meaningful work

A chance to do meaningful work is one of the biggest benefits of working in pet care. A second career or part time job is a chance to explore a passion. What could be better than making sure our furry friends are cared for and loved?

Here at The Right Fluff, we’re always looking for additional dog walkers and pet sitters. If this these benefits sounded tail-wagging good to you, apply today to join our team!


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