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Unusual Pets

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Plenty of people have cats or dogs, or even both. Have you ever wanted a pet more interesting and exotic? Here are 5 unusual pets that, if you are brave, you might decide to call your own.


Are you a Sonic the Hedgehog fan? Good news! You can have a hedgehog in real life. Because of their spikes, hedgehogs are sometimes mistaken for porcupines, but they are completely unrelated. Hedgehogs are small, and only weigh between 0.5 and 1.5 pounds. They are fairly low maintenance pets and can live anywhere between 3-8 years. It is illegal to own hedgehogs in some states, so be sure to check your states rules before purchasing a hedgehog.

Sugar Glider

Sometimes sugar gliders are also called pocket pets. They are cuddly and playful, and can be taught tricks. Sugar Gliders can ‘glide’ through the air for up to 150 meters in length. They originated in Australia, and live from 10-15 years! They are actually marsupials, and carry their young around in a pouch just like kangaroos. Gliders also love to socialize, so they do best in pairs.


If you aren’t squeamish and find spiders fascinating, why not get a giant spider? Tarantulas are kept in tanks, and make great pets. They feed on live insects. Interestingly, tarantulas can be found on every continent except Antarctica. If you’re going to have one as a pet, though, keep in mind that tarantulas are not generally interested in being handled. They live from 10-25 years.

Boa Constrictor

If you like snakes, consider a boa constrictor. Boas are gentle when properly cared for, and they are legal to own in plenty of states. However, to own these pets, you need a very specific set up. Boa Constrictors require a special diet of pre-killed rats and mice, as well as enclosures with simulated tropical conditions. They grow very large so will also require plenty of space.


If you’ve seen a chinchilla, then you know how soft and fluffy they are. They make such cute pets! Their fur is actually so dense that it’s difficult for any water to penetrate their skin, so they bathe in dust. The dust absorbs the oil and the dirt from their fur. Chinchillas originated in South America, and live from 15-22 years.

If you're adventurous enough to adopt one of these unusual pets, let us know!


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