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  • Marcy Santos

The perks of being a pet sitter

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

Do you love wagging tails, wet noses and soft fur? Are you excited to see a dog in the park or play with a kitten? Working in pet care is a rewarding experience. There are several perks of being a pet sitter.

1) Pets!

The most obvious perk is a chance to work with pets! Maybe you already own cats but also love dogs, or your living situation doesn’t allow you to have a pet companion. Perhaps you already have a full menagerie of pets but are always up for meeting new ones. Working as a pet sitter gives you opportunities to meet and spend time with many animals, no matter your own pet situation.

2) Work IS play

Some jobs will claim to have a “fun” work environment, but is adding a foosball table to the break room really enough? Our staff plays every day at work, and we mean PLAY! A key part of being a pet sitter is socializing with animals, and a great way to do that is through activities and playtime. Pets need socialization on a regular basis, which helps us to bond and connect with them. Whether it’s tossing a ball around a backyard or letting a cat “hunt” a feather toy, we know how to have a good time with the animals we care for.

3) Money

Not only do you get to spend time with pet companions, you get paid for it! As a pet sitter, you can earn money doing something that you already enjoy. While a few people work in pet care full time, many choose to work part time and use the flexibility to pursue other interests and hobbies. Some sitters use their earnings to fund vacations or activities like attending concerts, while others save their earnings for a rainy day. Pet sitting can even help to fund a person's tuition or pay off student loans that might have been accrued while in college. Others are active retirees who use the income for daily expenses rather than dipping into savings.

When you are getting paid to play with dogs your wallet will appreciate it. From pet sitting alone you have the possibility of earning $1,500 per month. That’s a hard-earned money worth spending!

4) Independence

No one enjoys a soul-sucking job where every moment of their productivity is micromanaged and controlled. While our sitters work as a team, there is a great deal of independence. Staff manage their own schedules and are encouraged to think critically and solve problems. Here at The Right Fluff, we give our staff time windows to complete tasks rather than specific times. We trust our sitters to build schedules that work best for them and our clients. If you’re bored in a cubicle, pet care could be a great option for you!

Here at The Right Fluff, we’re always looking for additional dog walkers and pet sitters. If this these benefits sounded tail-wagging good to you, apply today to join our team!


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