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  • Marcy Santos

The Best Places in Rockville to Walk Your Dog

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Yes, it’s finally getting warm and it’s a great time to get outdoors. Have you been antsy and stuck in the house because of COVID-19? Are you looking for somewhere to take your dog for a walk this summer? Here are some of the greatest dog walks and hikes in the Rockville, Maryland area for you and your dog to explore.

Rock Creek Regional Park

The Rock Creek Regional Park offers 13 miles of trails, as well as two beautiful lakes. It should be noted, though, that dogs are not allowed to swim in either of the lakes.

Fallsgrove Stream Valley Park

If you have a smaller pup or are looking for a less rigorous adventure, this park is for you. There are seven different small trails. They even offer dog drinking fountains!

Rock Creek Trail

Unlike the Rock Creek Regional Park, the Rock Creek Trail is paved. Since it is paved, you will have to be aware of bikers and runners also utilizing this area, but it is a pleasant walk extending southbound.

Great Falls Billy Goat Trail

For active dogs who are agile, try this more intense trail! It can get a bit rocky with some climbing, and be aware that dogs are not permitted on the entire trail, only certain sections. For an easier nearby walk, try walking on the flat path along the canal.

Mount Vernon Trail

The Mount Vernon trail, located in Washington D.C., is a great place to walk your dog. Although you cannot enter any buildings with your dog, the trails on the property are usable and free parking is available nearby.

Potomac Heritage Trail

Found in Arlington, Virginia, the Potomac Heritage Trail has some great views of water. It links the tidal Potomac and upper Youghiogheny river basins together.

In conclusion, there are many places to bring your dog for walks in scenic locations in Rockville and nearby areas. You can check out the website Bring Fido for information about dog friendly parks and hikes in your area. Remember to pack your dog first aid kit and keep any emergency numbers on hand during any hikes. Also be sure to check with local websites about any updates to hiking areas due to COVID-19. We hope you enjoy some (or all) of these hikes in the future!


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