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  • Marcy Santos

Summer Dog Walking Essentials

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Now that it’s summer it is (finally) hot! Although we love warm weather at The Right Fluff, it is important to be aware of how the heat may affect your dogs during walks. We have a few suggestions that may help you in taking care of your dog when walking them in the summer.

First of all, you can plan your walks around the weather. It usually is cooler before the sun rises and sets, so try to take your dog on longer walks in the early morning or evening hours, ensuring they are more likely to stay cool. If your dog tends to get hot, you can even look into purchasing a cooling harness that helps keep your dog stay cool in warm temperatures.

Additionally, be mindful of where your dog is walking. Pavement and blacktop may heat up in the summer months, and hurt your dog’s feet. Instead, try walking on grass or dirt paths as much as possible.

Are you planning to go swimming with your dog during the summer? We don’t blame you, this is a great outdoor activity. If so, look into some great dog shampoos and soaps to clean up your dog after his or her swim session. Having your grooming essentials on hand is particularly important during the summer, as that is when bugs and ticks become even more active. Make sure your dogs’ medication is up to date, and that you are grooming them regularly to check for any ticks.

If you are planning long walks, it is a good idea to bring water for both yourself and your dog. Along with a water bottle you can find collapsible dog bowls that even come with a key chain so you can clip them to bags or belt loops. Once you reach a nice resting point, you can take the bowl and unfold it and pour your water in for your dog to drink.

Also, once you get home, if you want to give your pet a nice cool treat, try ice cream for dogs! You simply mix in some water and freeze it in your freezer, and scoop to serve. My dog loves this in the summer (actually, all year round).

We hope some of these tips and tricks help you and your dogs enjoy the summer months ahead! Stay cool, and have a great summer!


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