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  • Marcy Santos

Snuggle Positions With Your Pet

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

During the cold winter months of the year, you may want to get close with your pet while you're home. It makes sense: you both want to stay warm and feel comfortable during the colder season, so you stay next to each other to exchange body heat!

In honor of National Hug Day, here are a few different positions for maximum comfortable snuggling.

On Your Lap

If you normally watch T.V. or sit down while you're home, you may want to make space for your cat or dog. Many smaller animals, and even larger ones, like to sit directly on their owner's lap. This allows them to stay warm, be close to you, feel safe and spend some time with you.

Many people don't think about this, but animals feel loved whenever they sit close to someone. Even if your pet is too big for your lap, you can always have them sit next to you and lean against your side. This sort of closeness helps both you and your pet stay together and feel loved, even if your pet has outgrown your lap.

Against Your Back

Many animals like to curl up against their owner's back while they lay down or sleep. You may notice that your pet faces their back towards you; this is to keep you both warm while also keeping each other safe. Think of it through the eyes of your pet: you have a pair of eyes in both directions.

Don't worry about that, though. Animals don't do this because they feel unsafe, but because they know that they can trust you. Animals would never turn their backs toward someone that they don't trust, so this position allows your pet to express that trust and love towards you, the same way they must feel when you expose your back to them!

Next to Your Legs

Some animals will feel comfortable curling up and snuggling next to your legs. This may be directly next to your shins or by your feet based on your buddy's preference. This works as an excellent position while you both sleep.

If your pet curls up next to your shins, they may want to be close to you but not share too much body heat. This may be because they are warm enough already, whether due to the temperature or their fur (or a combination thereof), but still want to be close to you.

On Your Stomach

Some pets may hop on top of your stomach to try and snuggle in that position. They feel safe while laying on top of you and they can warm up during cold weather. Many animals do this to show trust and to get closer to you as you lay down or sleep.

However, some people can't fall asleep with an animal on their stomach, but you can always place your friend next to you. While it's nice to snuggle with animals, make sure to be in a position that makes you both feel comfortable.

There are different ways that you can be with your favorite fluffy buddy so that you both feel comfortable and enjoy each other's company. Feel free to try out these different positions to keep you both happy and to allow you to spend some time together for this National Hug Day.


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