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  • Marcy Santos

Pet Subscription Boxes

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Do you love to spoil your cat or dog? Have you thought about trying a subscription box for your pets? You can sign up to have toys and treats delivered to your doorstep every month. Below find a few of the many options available for monthly pet deliveries.

Meowbox is great if you have a cat. Every month, or bimonthly you will get cat toys and treats delivered to your door. Each box has a special theme, and the company supports small businesses by including at least one handcrafted product in each box. All treats included in the boxes are made in the US or Canada. If your cat is a picky eater or on a special diet, you can choose a box without food. If you check out their website, you can see an array of pictures of cats enjoying their monthly delivery.

The PupJoy box is a wonderful option for dogs because of its various customizations. When you sign up you fill out a profile, so the company can cater to specific food allergies, or dogs who are picky about the toys they like. They even have a customization for dogs who are strong chewers. The customizations aren’t just for the dogs, but also for the shipping options. You can have something delivered monthly, every other month, or quarterly.

Do you have a bird? If so, Squawk box is the subscription service for you. In your monthly care package, you will receive 4-6 bird toys and treats. Your can have things delivered monthly, every three months, or every six months. When you join you can select your bird’s size so that the box will be carefully curated for your pet.

The Kit Nip box is another great option for cats. You can select a subscription for a one cat or a multiple cat household. In each box you will receive 4-6 cat toys and cat treats. This service only has a monthly shipping option, so it is only for those who want to receive something every month. The Kit Nip Box also supports over 100 animal welfare organizations by donating a portion of proceeds and products to shelters and recue efforts.

If you are feeling festive, try the wine dog box! Every month you will receive a themed box for both you and your dog. Each box contains treats for your dog and a dog toy, and you will also receive 4-6 items for yourself! Many of the themes center around holidays. Some of the box themes include the ugly sweater, doggie date night Christmas cookies, and the Hanukkah box. This is a fun service for people who want to celebrate with their dogs.

Let us know if there are any pet subscription boxes that you love!


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