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  • Marcy Santos

Pet Friendly Thanksgiving Foods

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

If you are like me, Thanksgiving is one of your favorite holidays, especially because of the food. So why not include your furry friend in the festivities? Below you can find a list of pet friendly foods you can give your pet over the holidays. Keep in mind that while it is fun to involve your pets in your family traditions, moderation is key.

Your cat or dog should not overeat like people do during Thanksgiving, but they can enjoy some Thanksgiving treats with you during the meal in small quantities. Here are some suggestions of foods you can offer your pets during the holiday meal:


Your cats can partake in several of the Thanksgiving traditional foods. They can eat plain, unseasoned turkey and mashed potatoes. Before you add seasoning and other ingredients to your turkey or mashed potatoes, you can set some aside for your cat to enjoy.

Another surprising food that your cat can enjoy is cranberry sauce! As long as there is not too much sugar in the sauce, it is okay to give your cat a dollop of cranberry sauce as a treat. It’s no surprise, but unseasoned vegetables are also fine to give your cat.

Cats can join you in eating green beans and pumpkin on Thanksgiving, just don’t give them any pumpkin pie! Only pumpkin by itself is okay for your kittiy.


Like cats, dogs can also eat plain turkey as well in small quantities. Your dog is sure to enjoy having pieces of turkey with his dinner. You can also give your dog some apple slices that you might have left over from preparing apple pie.

As you might know from some dog food brands, dogs can also eat many different kinds of vegetables. Some vegetables you can give your dog from your Thanksgiving dinner include sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, and pumpkins.

Hopefully with these tips your pets feel like they are part of the celebration! Just be sure to check that you have not added anything to the food that your pets shouldn’t consume before giving them their Thanksgiving treats!


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