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How to Take Good Pictures of Your Pet

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

In the day and age of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Youtube, and every other visual platform imaginable, good pictures of your pets is a must. You can display pictures in the home, share with family and friends online, or even sometimes win pet photo competitions! However, we all know taking these pictures is not as easy as it seems.

Part of working for the Right Fluff involves taking photos. That is right, every day that we look after your dog or cat we take a photo to include in the report card! It’s a tradition we love, and people who are away on holidays appreciate getting a glimpse of their furry friend and knowing that he or she is safe at home. But it can be hard to get a good one! Even if you have the latest iPhone, animals are animals, and sometimes they simply do not cooperate for pictures. Below find some tips and tricks to help you capture good photos of your pet.

Use the Element of Surprise

If you have a pet that cannot keep still, try using the element of surprise. By surprise we do not mean scare, but surprising your pet can be a great way to help them sit still. First, let them relax and do whatever activity they are doing. When you are ready to take the picture, make a loud noise of some kind, and when they become alert, typically they will spend a moment ‘frozen,’ in place. This is a great time to snap a photo!

Think About Lighting

Often the best lighting can be found outside, so taking outdoor pictures is a great idea. Regardless, consider where inside or outside your home provides the best lightening. In addition, be considerate of the time of day. You do not want to invest time into photographing your pet, only to find that the lighting was not adequate.

Try Using The Live Setting

If your camera has a live setting, try using it. Using the live setting means that the picture will be a short video, allowing you to scroll through and choose the best moment from the picture. If your pet tends to move a lot and not sit still, this is a great trick that might allow you to find that one perfect frame for your Instagram story.

Capture Them During Play

If your dog or cat loves to play, try capturing them during these moments. Not all photos have to involve sitting still. In fact, some candid shots of your pet doing what they absolutely love can be much more striking. Break out a favorite ball or chew toy and get snapping!

Consider your Perspective

You are likely not the same height as your pet. Particularly if you have a smaller cat or dog, think about the best photographic angle. It is better to kneel down when taking photos so that you are more level with your pet as you take the picture, otherwise the picture will look as though it is coming from above (and perhaps remind you of those old Myspace profile pictures).

Treats, Treats, Treats!

We cannot stress this one enough. You know your pet loves treats and asking them to sit still for a photo is just like asking them to do any other task. And what motivates them? Treats! If you are looking to do a long session of photography, go and purchase some small low calorie treats to keep your dog or cat motivated to be on their best behavior.

Hopefully, some of these tricks assist you in your next photography session with your pal. Now, get to posting your new and improved Instagram pictures!

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