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  • Marcy Santos

How to spot a pro

What makes someone a “professional” pet care provider?

With so many pet care options available, why should you hire a professional? And what does it even mean to be a “professional” pet care provider? The simplest definition of a professional is someone who charges for their services, but we believe there is more to it than that.

Here is what makes our pet sitters and dog walkers a team of pros:


A professional sitter will have a breadth of experience, both in years and types of pets cared for. Experience is the best teacher!

All our sitters all have a range of pet care experiences before joining our team. Many have previously worked in professional pet care, such as shelters or doggy day cares. Almost all of them are life-long pet owners themselves and understand the care and dedication this job requires.


At this time there are minimal laws and regulations surrounding pet sitting, so it's important to know where your pet sitter learned to care for pets. As employees, all our sitters go through the same extensive training, which includes:

  • Animal behavioral training

  • Pet First Aid and CPR certification

  • Hands-on shadowing and field training

This extensive training helps fill any gaps in their experience, making them prepared for any situation! It also ensures the same high standard of care across all out sitters.


It’s important to consider how long a sitter has been working in this industry, and how long they plan to stay in it. Did they wake up one morning and decide to join an app? Or do they do this over a long period of time, showing a commitment to grow their skills?

Our sitters do not consider this a hobby, or something to do while they look for a “real” job. This is a real job! They understand pet care is an important obligation and will not flake out. In case of true emergencies, they work with the office and other sitters to make sure all visits get covered.

We also reflect this in our company values. The Right Fluff Pet Sitting is a member of Pet Sitters International. We hope to be here serving our neighbors for years to come!

Positive reputation:

Some people may call themselves a professional, but are other people saying the same thing? Not only do we say we give excellent service, but our clients agree! Check out our reviews across reputable third-party sites like Google, Yelp and Facebook. We have references available upon request.

Clear and effective communication:

The number one complaint we hear about using friends, family or hobby sitters is that they don’t communicate enough. We understand that it’s important to keep owners up to date on what is happening with their pets. Clients receive a report card with photo updates after EVERY visit.

All of these are what make a professional- and it's a lot! Keep these points in mind when looking for someone to care for your furry or four-legged best friend or call us today to hear more of the benefits of hiring a professional team.

Black and white dog getting chin scratches
Photo by Tim Umphreys on Unsplash


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