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Healthy Ways to Spoil Your Dog

August 10th is Spoil Your Dog Day!

Our dogs love us unconditionally. They greet us at the door with wagging tails and it is their greatest joy in life to make us smile. Whether they are being playful with their favorite toy or simply snuggling next to us on the couch, our pups give us the purest form of joy. As pet parents, we should try and give them plenty of love and joy in return.

It is important to find healthy ways to spoil your dog. We owe it to them to find entertainment that is enriching and good for them. Here are some tips to spoil your dog without spoiling their health:

1. Healthy Treats

Treats are the easiest way to spoil your dog, but too many can cause obesity and poor health. Some treats are healthy in moderation. It is important to look at the ingredients. Avoid grain, dyes, rendered fat, and by-products. Some human foods, such as sweet potato, bananas and peanut butter, make great treats. However, do your research before giving your pup human food. Never give your dog chocolate, grapes, avocado, nuts, or citrus.

2. Take a Trip to the Pet Store

Taking a trip to the pet store is always an exciting expedition. Many pet stores allow owners to bring their pets inside. Always confirm that this is their policy before visiting any location. A trip to the pet store is a great treat that breaks dogs out of their regular routine. It gives them an opportunity to socialize with people and other dogs. Going to the pet store is basically the pet version of going to the mall and hanging out with friends. You can allow him or her to pick out a new toy that they can bring home. It will make their day and the look on their face will make yours as well.

3. Arrange a Puppy Play Date

Dogs are social animals. Like humans, they enjoy the company of others. It is important to ensure that your pup is well-socialized early in life. Set up a play date to introduce him or her to a friend or neighbor’s dog. Your dog and your neighbor’s can play while the adults sip on a cold drink. Remember to follow safety protocols when introducing new dogs. Proper socialization can prevent a dangerous event from happening in the future. Plus, it’s fun for everyone involved. What’s better than one dog? Lots of dogs, of course.

Tip: Have a reactive dog that doesn’t do well in groups? Spend some quality one-on-one time with them, and take them on a long, secluded walk where they can sniff safely as much as they want.

4. Home Spa Day

There are pet spas that you can take your dog to, or you can to treat your four-legged friend at home. The perfect spa day starts with a massage. Active dogs are hard on their joints, especially as they get older. Giving your dog a good rub down will sooth any pain, relax them, and enhance the bond you already have. Cap off the spa day with a soak in a pool. Many breeds love water. Swimming is great low-impact exercise. Don’t forget to toss in their favorite squeaky toy!

Here at The Right Fluff Pet Sitting, we hope you have an enjoyable Spoil Your Dog Day. Take this time to smell the roses with your favorite furry friend. Fresh air will be good for both dog and pup parent. Time spent with a dog is never wasted. Put a smile on their face in return for all the smiles they have given you.

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Contributor Brandon Pettey lives in Texarkana, Texas where he is finishing a degree in English through A&M-Texarkana. He has a one-year-old Golden Retriever named Ivy and a thirteen-year-old rescue cat named Bella. Contact him at brandoncpettey[at]yahoo[dot]com for great deals on content management help.


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