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Fabulous Pet Stores on Etsy

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Do you love to shop for your cat or dog? How about online shopping? One great way to support online businesses is by shopping from small businesses and local artists. Check out these ideas below to see some fantastic Etsy shops that we recommend for your dog or cat, as well as products we suggest looking for on Etsy.

Dog/Cat Tags

Yes, having a dog tag or a cat tag is essential. People can easily see your pet’s information and name in case he or she gets lost. But why not have one that also looks beautiful? Etsy has tons of fun options for dog and cat tags, some are in fun shapes like bones, and others come in a variety of colors. Check out Colorwin for some beautiful and simple dog and cat personalized tags.

Pet Portraits

Are your walls looking a little bare? Do you want to memorialize a senior pet with a beautiful picture? Browse Etsy for personalized pet portraits. Artists can capture wonderful pet images that you can hang in your home to honor your most faithful companion. For a simple watercolor piece, take a look at Precious Pet Art on Etsy today.

Personalized Bowls

Make mealtime feel a little more glamorous with personalized food and water bowls. Whether you want the bowl customized with your pets’ name, or simply a paw print, there are numerous options. For a chic white look to match almost any kitchen and dining room décor, head over to Susabellas.

Pet Pillows

Searching for some new living room décor? Or maybe you just want to snuggle with your pet on the couch without letting him or her actually sit on the couch. Check out Etsy for some pillows with your pet’s face on them! This is guaranteed to bring something special to your home, and it also makes a great gift. One seller you can look for making these pillows is Design My Dog.

Custom Coffee Mugs

If you are a coffee or tea drinker, this is the item for you. You can put your pet’s face and name on a coffee mug. There are some delightfully cute mugs made by Pawpillo.

If you are looking for some new pet décor and customizable items of any kind, check out Etsy. They have tons of options in a variety of designs. You are sure to find at least one if not many more things that would be perfect for your home. Happy shopping!


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