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  • Marcy Santos

Ecofriendly Pet Products

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Do you cringe a bit every time your dog chews through yet another toy that you must throw away, or each day you go through yet another roll of poop bags? If you are like me and hate to be wasteful, check out some of the best ecofriendly pet products on the market.

1) The Eco Bark Harness is made from recycled straps and environmentally friendly material. On Amazon you can see that it comes in a variety of colors and sizes.

2) If you feel bad about wasting plastic, look into buying some compostable dog poop bags. Poop bags are a necessity, so why not at least make them more environmentally friendly.

3) To match with your Eco Harness you can get an Eco Friendly Leash, made from bamboo. These leashes also come in a variety of colors.

4) If you are a cat owner, you may want to check out Kent Pet Group. They are committed to developing sustainable cat litter, and list several sustainable litter brands on their website.

5) For those who have a particularly playful pet, head over to Honest Pet Products. Founded in 2010 by a pet owner, toys created by Honest Pets use natural materials such as hemp and wool.

These products will definitely reduce your carbon paw-print!


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