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Dog Park Safety Tips in Maryland

Are you excited to get outdoors with your dog now that spring has sprung? If you are planning a trip to the neighborhood dog park, consider these safety tips.

Check Out the Park First

Before you go to the park, take a trip by yourself to scope out the area. Get to know the layout, any park rules, and amenities.

Practice Obedience Commands

One of the key things to do before you head to an off-leash dog-park is to make sure that your dog knows basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, and come. Additionally, make sure you remove your dog’s leash as soon as you enter the park to prevent leash aggression.

Visit at Non-Peak Times

To ease stress for yourself and your dog, visit at non-peak hours. It can be crowded after work or on weekends, and your dog may become intimidated by the activity.

Make Sure Your Dog Is Healthy

You will want to ensure your dog is up to date on all vaccines and has been to the vet. It is easy for disease to spread in high-traffic areas, so make sure that your pup is healthy before he or she goes out to interact with other dogs.

Don’t Stay Too Long

Just like children, dogs become tired after participating in social activities. Plan to only stay for 30 minutes to an hour and keep an eye on your dog’s energy levels so that you know when it is time to leave.

Utilize the Small Dog Areas

It is recommended to separate dogs by size, and most parks you go to will have an area for smaller sized dogs. If your dog is under 25lbs, make sure of the small dog designated areas. This is key to keeping your smaller pup safe.

What is your favorite dog park to visit in the area?


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