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  • Marcy Santos

Best Pet Holidays to Celebrate

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

One of our favorite things to do at The Right Fluff is celebrate pets. Whether it is celebrating animals, pet owners, or pet sitters, we love to celebrate! Below find some of our favorite holidays of the year, and how we love to celebrate them.

January 14thNational Dress Up Your Pet Day

Of course, there is Halloween, but what about a day specifically made to celebrate dressing up your pet? If you love to put your pet in outfits, this is they day for you and your friend to celebrate.

February – National Pet Dental Health Month

Your pet’s dental health is important, so why not devote an entire month to celebrating good dental hygiene? Speak with your veterinarian this month about how to make sure your pet has healthy teeth. Whether you invest in some new dental chews or pet teeth cleaning chew toys, this is the month to revisit your dental hygiene plan with your dog or cat and keep their breath fresh and gums in tip top shape.

February – Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

If you are a dog lover, surely you already know that February is also the month that the Westminster Kennel Dog Club Show takes place! Make sure to check the dates and tune in to watch all your favorite dog breeds.

March – Poison Prevention Awareness Month

It is important to stay up to date on poisonous items that may affect your pet’s health. These include both household items as well as plants. Have you reviewed the list of poisonous products that you have indoors recently? Do you have the emergency poison control number for animals on hand? March is the month to remind yourself of your pet’s safety when it comes to toxic substances both inside and outside of the home.

March 1-7 – Professional Pet Sitters Week

Here at the Right Fluff we love professional pet sitter week! This is the week to celebrate the pet sitters in your life. You can buy a gift or leave a special tip for your pet sitter. As a pet sitting company, we like to honor our fabulous employees during this week with gifts and awards, and sometimes even some baked goods!

April – National Pet First Aid Month

With a pet sitting staff trained in pet first aid and CPR, we approve of this month. During April, this is a good time to make sure you have an adequate Pet First Aid kit assembled for your pet and brush up on any pet first aid skills that may be useful.

April 30 – Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

Each year, the National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day helps to raise awareness about the thousands of pets that are still waiting to be adopted in local shelters. This is a great day to celebrate your adopted pet, donate items or money to a nearby shelter, or adopt a pet of your own!

May 3 – National Specially-Abled Pets Day

Do you know a specially abled pet, or have one in your life? May 3rd is the day to celebrate them! Or you may even consider adopting one of your own. There are special pet rescues for disable pets. For example, you can visit to view adoptable dogs with disabilities.

June – Adopt a Cat Month

Need we say more? This is the month to celebrate the cats in your life, and maybe adopt another one. Because as Hemingway nicely said, “one cat just leads to another.” In addition, if you haven’t been to the cat cafe in Washington, D.C. you should check it out this month. You can sip coffee among adoptable cats.

July 11 – Pet Photo Day

We love pets and we love looking at their pictures! Today is the day to take a picture of your pet, and please share it with us! If you need tips for taking pictures of your pet, check out our blog post with tips for taking good pet photos.

August 17 – Black Cat Appreciation Day

You might wonder why we think this holiday is worth celebrating? Well, there’s a reason! Entirely black cats are notoriously harder to find homes for. But for those of you who have known and loved a black cat, we know they are equally deserving of our affection! If you know and appreciate a black cat, celebrate them on August 17th.

August 28 – Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

Perhaps one of the most important days of the year, this is a special day to honor the pets that we have loved and lost. Anyone who has had a special connection with a pet who has passed away knows that they always stay in our hearts. On August 28th we take time to remember all the wonderful cats, dogs, and other pets that have been a part of our lives.

September – Dog Service Month

What a great month to celebrate! Service dogs do wonders for people across the world, and September is the month to celebrate them. This is a great time to donate to a service dog organization near you.

October 31 – Halloween

Okay, we know this is not a pet specific holiday, but including your dog in your Halloween costume can be such fun! You can be Dorothy and Toto, or your dog can be the Big Bad Wolf and you can be Little Red Riding Hood. Pets don’t have to miss out on the fun of Halloween (just don’t give them any of the chocolate).

November – Senior Pet Month

If you have ever loved a senior pet, you know there is something special about them. Here at The Right Fluff we love our senior pet clients! In November celebrate the senior pet in your life with a gift, or maybe order a customized pet portrait to memorialize them in a beautiful painting.

December 31st – New Year’s Eve

Another year come and gone with your beloved pet(s) by your side. If that’s not a good reason to celebrate, I don’t know what is! Grab your pooch and tell them Happy New Year!

We hope you have added some of these holidays to your Google calendar. And of course, don’t forget another important day to celebrate with your pet, their birthday!


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