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  • Marcy Santos

Are Cicadas Poisonous to Dogs and Cats?

The cicadas have arrived in full force, and if you live in Maryland you can’t miss them. You can see them for miles and hear them as well! Typically, cicadas are visible on trees, shrubs, and the sides of houses. The use their membranes and wings to make the loud sounds. Cicada swarms can consist of up to a million bugs per acre, so collectively they can be pretty loud!

As we see the cicadas emerge, many are wondering if ingesting cicadas is harmful for dogs and cats. The short answer to that question is that, no, cicadas are not toxic to your dog or cat. However, cicadas are not a typical part of a pet’s diet. Ingesting high volumes of the bugs may cause intestinal distress in your pet. Therefore, it is wise to keep a close eye on your dog while out on walks to make sure that they are prevented from eating the cicadas. If one or two happen to get swallowed, though, there’s nothing to worry about!

Has your dog eaten a cicada? What was their reaction?


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