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  • Marcy Santos

5 Reasons to Adopt a Cat

Did you know June is Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month? Maybe you’ve been thinking about getting a cat for awhile but are on the fence. Here are five reasons to go on and adopt a cat this month:

1. Cats are good company. The number one reason people get pets is for the company. Cats will talk to you, follow you around, and generally hang out with you. They will lay in your lap, or on your feet, or somewhere close by. Contrary to what many people will tell you cats are very loving. Once a cat has picked you for their person, they will be wholly devoted.

2. Cats can take care of themselves. While your cat loves you, she doesn't need you around all the time. She understands you have stuff to do and she, well she has a nap to take. Separation anxiety is much less common in cats than many dog breeds, which makes them a great pet for a busy professional or frequent traveler.

3. Cats are tidy. Cats are a great pet for anyone who likes a clean home. They are easy to litter train, and indoor-only cats will not be tracking in dirt, mud, or pests from the outside. They also save you trips to the groomer! Cats are fastidious creatures and will spend a good amount of time self-grooming each day. Their barbed tongue is designed to remove dead or loose fur trapped in their coats, but they still enjoy a good brushing from time to time.

4. Cats are less likely to overeat. Many cat owners can fill an automatic feeder with dry food and their cat will just take it from there. Some cats will nibble several times a day, others will eat their fill in the morning then be on their way. Generally, cats will not overeat to the point of being sick the way many dogs will, though there are always exceptions! If you want to give your cat wet food, put it out in the morning so they have all day to work on it rather than leaving it overnight.

5. Cats are low maintenance. Cats are perfect for anyone who is looking for the joy of pet companionship without the time or energy to care for a dog. Cats do not need to be walked on a schedule and are easy to litter train. On average they also have lower food and veterinary costs.

Cats have been basically misunderstood through history. They are pleasant, useful, and easy to live with. You may think you are not a cat person, but maybe you just haven't met the right cat. When you do, she will have your heart wrapped around her paw. Consider going to your local shelter or humane society this June to see their adoptable cats!


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