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  • Marcy Santos

What's On Your Pet's Christmas List

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

It’s finally the holiday season, and time to shop for family and friends. But what about your pet? If you are anything like me, your dog already has his own stocking! Or maybe you have never considered getting your pet in on the holiday gifting fun. Either way, here are some things that are sure to be on your pet’s Christmas wish list this year.

Your Dog’s List

1. A pet subscription box:

If you have not yet signed up for one of these boxes, we highly recommend looking into it. There are several companies that ship out monthly boxes for as low as $15 a month, and each come with new treats and toys for your dog to try! This is a great way to have a regular cycle of items coming in for your dog. If you have a dog who burns through treats and toys with speed, a monthly subscription gift box is a great gift for your pooch.

Available on Amazon, we seriously wonder what is not to love about this gift. It’s both bacon and bubbles? If you have never watched a puppy play with bubbles, you are missing out. Your dogs are sure to enjoy this treat, providing amusement, exercise, and delicious smells. As a bonus, your kids may even get in on the fun as well!

3. iFetch:

If you have a dog who never gets tired of playing fetch, this is a gift to consider purchasing. This machine lets your dog play fetch all by himself! Simply teach your dog to bring the ball back and put it inside the iFetch, and the machine will automatically throw the ball for your dog. This is the ideal gift for anyone with a highly active dog.

Yes, Christmas cookies are a classic Christmas gift. But did you know they make some especially for dogs? Find the same cute looking treats in shapes of Christmas trees, reindeer, and stars, but pet approved. They look so good that you might accidentally eat them yourself!

Let’s be honest, no matter how many times you wash them, sometimes your pet’s blankets just get worn out. It’s always nice to replace their blankets and bedding every once in a while. And while you are at it, why not get into the spirit of giving by buying a beautiful fleece blanket like the one linked here? For every blanket you buy, one gets donated to a shelter dog in need.

Your Cat’s List

I am sure you have heard of people advent calendars, but have you thought about getting your cat in on the fun? With a variety of designs available on Etsy, you can share the magic of counting down the days until Christmas with your feline friend.

2. Anything with Catnip:

If your cat loves catnip, you can never go wrong with any toy involving catnip. Yes, we mean anything. If you find a toy with catnip in it, this is a good gift.

Because cats love to scratch, it is always a great idea to replace your cat’s scratching post. Looking for something simple that does not take up too much space? Check the option we have linked above. This vertical scratching post mounts onto your wall. This is a modern and minimal solution to your cat scratching needs.

You know your cat loves to bask in the sun, so why not buy them a heating pad? These simple ones are pet friendly. All you have to do is toss them in the microwave, and then they are ready to go.

You can get your cat some toy mice, one, five, or what about 60? That’s right, for only $15 you can get your cat 60 assorted colorful mice toys on Amazon. These are bound to last you for several Christmas seasons, if not more.

We hope this list has inspired you to go out and find the perfect Christmas gift for your cats and dogs. Happy holidays from The Right Fluff Pet Sitting!


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