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  • Marcy Santos

The Importance of Feline Enrichment

Cats that are in stimulating environments thrive and enrichment is essential for cats and kittens of all ages. To improve your cat’s physical and mental health, consider looking into a variety of feline enrichment activities. There are so many ways that you can enrich the life of your cat. Keep in mind that cats are individuals and take some time to explore the activities that your cat enjoys.

Food Enrichment

You can make mealtime a more fun and interactive experience for your cat. In nature, cat’s typically forage for their food. Every meal is an opportunity for enrichment. Consider purchasing or creating ways for your cat to work for his or her meal. You can hide bits of food around the house, or purchase a puzzle feeder.

Adopting a Second Cat

If you only have one cat, you might consider adopting another cat. When you aren’t at home, your cat will have someone to play with. If you aren’t sure you are ready to adopt another cat, consider fostering first to see how your cat gets along with other animals.

Outdoor Time

You can consider giving your cat outdoor time as a form of enrichment. Some people purchase pet strollers that let you take your cats on a walk. Some cats even allow you to put a harness and lead on so that you can walk your cat, much like you would with a dog. Additionally, you can consider constructing a catio. Catios or enclosures let your dog go out on a porch like structure to be outside without being outside.

Environmental Enrichment

To create an enriching environment, make sure you fill the cat’s space with toys and activities. Cats enjoy climbing, so you will want to include structures such as cat trees and canopies to allow your cat plenty of room to explore both horizontally and vertically.

Visual Activities

Cats have amazing eyesight, and your cat may enjoy looking out the window. Consider creating a window perch or seat where your cat can sit comfortably and enjoy looking at the outdoors. You may even purchase a birdfeeder to provide entertainment for your cat.

What enrichment activities does your cat love?


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