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  • Marcy Santos

Rainy Day Dog Walking Tips

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Does your dog hate walking in the rain? Use these tips to help your dog stay dry and happy on your next rainy-day walk.

Appropriate Clothing

If rain is forecasted, try to make sure your dog has appropriate clothes. You can use raincoats and rainboots to protect your dog and keep them happy when it’s wet outside. Some dogs may not like wearing rainboots, but keeping their paws dry is important for their health and well-being. If they don’t like boots, be sure to dry off their paws with a towel when you get inside. Not only is this good for their health and ensures that they avoid slipping, it also keeps your house clean.


Think about your visibility in the rain. Rain can make it harder for people to see you, such as bikers and drivers. This may result in unsafe situations. Try to wear bright colors or reflective gear to make sure you are visible in traffic. Be mindful of visibility, particularly when it is darker, and plan your walks accordingly. Skip busy streets and areas with traffic if possible.

Shorter Walks

If the rain isn’t going to last long, consider shortening the walk. Take a quick break for your dog to pee and make up for the lack of exercise by spending some quality playtime indoors instead.

Avoid Puddles

Rain puddles can be full of debris, dirt, oil, and other things. Try to avoid puddles if possible. Don’t allow your dog to drink the rainwater and avoid walking through puddles so that they don’t step on anything that might be harmful.

We hope these tips help you on your next rainy day adventure with your pooch!


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