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  • Marcy Santos

Are Retractable Leashes Dangerous?

There are a variety of leashes to choose from- but some need to come with a warning label! Many people choose flex leashes to give their pup freedom to roam, but you could be putting them in danger instead. For your dog’s safety and yours, you should always be in control. Flex leashes give the dog control. Before using a retractable leash, think about these dangers:

1. Rope Burn

A retractable leash allows a dog to quickly pull away. Your dog can suddenly take off, pulling the thin cord out. If it is anywhere near the dog’s skin, it can quickly cause a significant wound. Dogs can also wrap the cord around the person walking them and injure them. Someone can get caught up in the chord, trip, and break a bone. A person is likely to injure their hand if they accidentally grab the cord while trying to gain control.

2. Dropped Leashes Can be Fatal

Retractable leashes are easier to pull out of someone’s hand than a traditional lead. It relies on finger, not wrist and forearm, strength. A surprised dog may try to bolt, pulling the leash from a person’s hand. There are many sounds during a walk that can spook a dog and cause them to run off. In a split second, dropping the leash can result in an irreversible tragedy.

3. Unwanted Contact

Dogs are social animals and like to meet everyone in their path. As their caretakers, we must control who they interact with. Some dogs are better at getting along than others. A flex leash allows your dog to approach another without warning. This can quickly cause a fight and injury to everyone involved.

4. Choking Hazard

Flex leashes can easily get wrapped around your dog’s neck. If your dog pulls away and turns the wrong way, the cord could constrict their breathing. It can also cause severe lacerations. In extreme cases, it can even cause damage to the spinal cord.

5. Malfunctions

Leashes are subjected to the effects of weather and time. The more complicated it is, the more there is a risk of malfunction. The cord in the leash can pop or unspool, letting your dog run away. The lock button can also break. It is much safer to go with a simple flat lead.

Accidents can be avoided with the right precautions. The Right Fluff Pet Sitting wishes you nothing but safe and enjoyable walks!

Couple playing leash tug-o-war with a puppy
Photo by S A R A H ✗ S H A R P on Unsplash


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