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  • Marcy Santos

All About Catnip

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

You’ve probably heard of catnip if you are a cat owner, but what is it all about anyway? Catnip is an herb, and a member of the mint family. It can grow up to three feet in height. The chemical part of the plant that attracts cats is found in the leaves and the stems. And, as most of us know, it can be great fun for your cat!

It’s Safe

There are no known dangers to catnip. If your cat ingests too much, it will likely vomit or have diarrhea, but it is not harmful. In fact, even humans can ingest catnip.

Short Term Effects

The effects of catnip are relatively short term, typically only lasting for about 10 minutes. However, constant exposure can lessen the effects for your cat, so it is best to space out catnip use for your pet for maximum effectiveness.

Not for All Cats

Catnip only works for about 50% of cats, so don’t worry if your cat has no reaction to catnip, he may just not be a cat that is affected by the plant. Catnip is believed to be an inherited sensitivity. Additionally, it also does not affect kittens.


So why use catnip? Not only is catnip fun, it can also be a stress reliever for your cat. Also, you can use catnip to help encourage your cat. For example, put some catnip on your cat’s tree to encourage it to explore using the tree and playing on it.

For some extra fun, you can even consider growing your own catnip!


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