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  • Marcy Santos

DIY Dog and Cat Toys

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Looking for a new toy for your dog or cat? Before you rush out to the store or go to Amazon, search around your house. There are many items you can find right in your home to make a DIY toy for your pet.

Dog Toys

1. A T-Shirt and a Water Bottle: Take and old shirt and wrap it around a water bottle. It’s the perfect chew toy. Dogs love the crunchy sound of water bottles, and it is also an excellent way to recycle.

2. An Old T-Shirt: For this toy, simply cut your old t-shirt and braid it into a long rope. Voila, instant rope tugging game!

3. A sock: Do you have one sock that is missing its partner? Don’t throw it away! You can soak it in water, freeze it, and give it to your dog as a chew toy.

4. A Tennis Ball and Treats: If you take one of your tennis balls and cut a slit in the ball, you can stuff the tennis ball with some treats. This instantly becomes a treat puzzle for your pup!

5. Jeans: If you’ve lost weight and have jeans that no longer fit, or your jeans finally wore a hole in the crotch beyond mending, wait before you throw them away. You can cut them up and tie them into knots, making the perfect chew toy for your dog.

Cat Toys

1. Toilet Paper Roll: That’s right, for this toy you only need one thing, a toilet paper roll! Take the leftover roll and fold down the two ends and put treats inside. It becomes an instant treat puzzle for your cat!

2. An Old Shirt and a Box: With just an old shirt and a box, you can give your cat a new cozy home. Simply wrap the t shirt around the outside of the box, and you will create a lovely small home for your cat to hide inside.

3. Yarn, a Stick, and some String: First, use the yarn to create a small pom-pom. Next, tie one end of the string to your stick, and one end to the pom-pom. Viola! Instant DIY cat wand!

We hope this list of DIY toys has inspired you to start searching your house for things you can re purpose for your pets. Not only will your pet appreciate their new toy, but you get to enjoy recycling your old items! It’s a win-win situation!


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